Art Walk June Featured Artist: George Ramos

Our June 2016 Art Walk LA featured artist is George Ramos of Canton, Maine. George was kind enough to talk with us about his artistic process and the inspiration behind his work.


LA Arts: Where will you be showing your work at this month’s Art Walk LA?

George Ramos: I will be showing and selling my work at LA Arts located at 221 Lisbon Street in Lewiston.

LAA: When did you first become interested in the arts?

GR: Since my youth, I was always surrounded by many creative and fun loving people in my Puerto Rican family, who did many creative things like sew clothes, make cotton doilies for home decor, play musical instruments, dance, sing, and write poetry. I was encouraged to draw, color the coloring books, and later paint by numbers with oil paints, which stunk up the apartment we lived in.

LAA: What is your preferred medium?

GR: My preferred medium is digital photography that is digitally manipulated on the computer to eventually produce archival pigment ink prints and other products that are unique in style and presentation. This 21st century technology has opened up a new world of discovery and enjoyment for me. I have used and still use oils, pastels, charcoal, graphite pencils, color pencils, acrylics, crayons, watercolor, tempera paints, and intaglio. Sculpture in stone, clay, wood, and assemblages are also of interest to me, as are the crafts of beadwork, leatherwork, feather work, and hand weaving.

LAA: What inspires your work?

GR: What inspires me to diligently work at my craft is the beautiful God-created nature, people and things people enjoy all around us here in Maine.
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