Art Walk LA is getting into full swing! With another lineup of over 40 local artists, new live entertainment, special events in Auburn, and a $250 L.L.Bean gift card raffle, this will be an Art Walk you can’t miss!


Participating July Venues and Artists

  • 84 Court Restaurant (84 Court Street, Auburn): Jillian Elder
  • Lourie Sproul, "Sunflower"

    Lourie Sproul, “Sunflower”

    Argo (64 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Bridget McAlonan, Don Bernard, Laurie Sproul, Zoe Mullen

  • Sheryl Whitmore

    Sheryl Whitmore

    Auburn City Hall (60 Court Street, Auburn): Sheryl Whitmore

  • Auburn Public Library (49 Spring Street, Auburn): not participating this month
  • Avant-Garde Maine (182 Lisbon Street, Lewiston)
  • Bear Bones Beer (43 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Geoff Droppers
  • Café LA (49 Spring Street, Auburn): Carol Boldt, Heather Gagne, Julie Breau, Karl Maren
  • Canna Care Docs of Maine (79 Main Street, Auburn): Kevin Lyons
  • Cell53 (347 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Jim Ferrari
  • Chill Yoga (178 Lisbon Street, Lewiston)
  • Designs By Skip (144 Main Street, Auburn): Kenneth Harvey
  • Downtown Handmade Vintage (277 Lisbon Street, 2nd Floor, Lewiston): Kate Cargile, Duforge Studio
  • Dube’s Flower Shop (195 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): not participating this month
  • Dufresne Plaza (72 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Mike Thurlow
  • Forage Market (180 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Kate Cargile
  • Painting by Peter Bucklin

    Peter Bucklin

    Fuel Lewiston / Sidecar (49 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Peter Bucklin

  • Gil Poliquin Hearing & Optical (Window) (50 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Nel Bernard
  • Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub (68 Main Street, Auburn): Jude Bellas
  • Hardy, Wolf & Downing (186 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): C E Morse
  • Heritage Collectibles (189 Main Street, Lewiston): Brandon Goding
  • Kait Lavin Photography (154 Court Street, Auburn): Alexandra Hood
  • Kimball Street Studios (191 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Lenora Lieowitz, Ilana Welch, Tony Brown
  • LA Arts (221 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): George Ramos, Daniel Ramos, Jamie LeBlanc, Teresa Cavendish Barbosa, Youth Art: Geiger Elementary, Sandcastle Clinical & Educational Services
  • Lamey Wellehan (108 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Carl Hebert, Peter Moran
  • Lamey Wellehan – Grants Gallery (109 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Grow L+A Artists
  • Lewiston Public Library (200 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Delian Valeriani, Jennifer Locke
  • Maine Dems Office (124 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Chip Ross, Denny Bourgoin, John G. Mitchell, Lisa Marshall, Mike Breau, Youth Art: Emma Oinonen, Sophia Carson
  • Maine Gourmet Chocolates (170 Main Street, Auburn): Corrie Bernatachez
  • Paul’s Clothing & Shoe Store (281 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): not participating this month
  • Poise Yoga Studio (351 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Papi Musese, Graham Gallert, Erica Christianson
  • Quiet City (277 Lisbon Street, 2nd Floor, Lewiston): Courtney Schlachter, Louise Groover
  • Roger’s Haircutters (Window) (94 Main Street, Auburn):  Maria Castellano-Usery
  • She Doesn’t Like Guthries (115 Middle Street, Lewiston): TBA
  • The Cupcakery (97 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Field Peterson
  • The Hive (The Hive 178 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Stanley Hollenbeck, Alex Gonzo
  • The Studio (291 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Gary Stallsworth, Lex Ducharme, Mana Foxglove,
  • The Vault (84 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Daniel Marquis
  • Top It Frozen Yogurt Bar  (168 Main Street, Auburn): Kelly Chase
  • Wicked Illustrations (140 Canal Street, Lewiston): not participating this month

33869013Auburn Attractions

If you’re missing the Auburn side of Art Walk LA, you’re missing something good! In addition to 10 participating Auburn venues, the following attractions are taking place at Festival Plaza on Main Street, Auburn.

  • Live art demos from participating Art Walk artists
  • Live music from Deb Morin and Cheyenne

July Live Entertainment

Grace Note Community Music School (weather dependent!)
A mix of seasoned piano players and students at the school
5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
72 Lisbon street (Dufresne Plaza)

2bdcb370-4862-471d-a601-1d6ddedb6a6dJuke Joint Devils
Energetic, swinging blues
8 p.m. – 10 p.m.
She Doesn’t Like Guthries (115 Middle Street, Lewiston)

5bab17d0-2922-4eae-8d73-a485067833d9Memphis Lightning
Blues and “American roots” band
8 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Gritty McDuff’s (68 Main Street, Lewiston)

11218061_860869020665543_9217465491715792876_nDeb Morin with her special guest and talented daughter Brooke Morin accompanied by Jason Fogg
Music ranging from country to blues and rock, and everything in between
5:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.
Festival Plaza (112 Main Street, Auburn)

Live Art Demos

Both artists will be making art in Festival Plaza (112 Main Street, Auburn). Make sure you check it out!

cabf8e7a-9007-4c3e-be7f-5a3d45b418cdAlexandra Hood

Primary Medium: Oil and Graphite
Bio: Focusing on realistic oil paintings and graphite portraits, Alexandra frequently explores the subjects of lust, power, human connection, and emotional transparency in her work.
Artist website

e742c2c8-a7cb-44e6-a977-a43f9073728fKenneth Harvey

Primary medium: Watercolor
 Kenneth Harvey is a self-taught watercolorist who has been exploring the medium for over 30 years. He is presently engaged in plein air painting, mostly in the Boothbay coastal area of Maine.
Artist website


$250 L.L.Bean Gift Card Raffle

LL-Bean-mountianTake an art walk this July and get lucky! Raffle tickets can be purchased from LA Arts, and the winning will take place at LA Arts’ office (221 Lisbon Street, Lewiston) the night of July Art Walk at 7:55 PM. Read more about the raffle.