Your Community NEEDS You…
to demonstrate your support of, and your belief in L/A Arts as a vital component of the Twin Cities.

Both in history and organizational by-laws, L/A Arts as an entity was created 40 years ago by both the Lewiston and Auburn libraries, one a municipal entity the other a non-profit. L/A Arts was seen as an extension of part of the libraries’ missions, and as such have made appointments to the L/A Arts Board; current appointments from the library are Bill Low and John Painter, respectively. While L/A Arts was never viewed as a department of either library, it was a progressive collaboration between the two cities designed to develop an understanding of the arts as necessary to enhance and stimulate vibrant and creative communities.

For the past several decades, L/A Arts has been a community arts agency supported through funding from both the cities of Lewiston and Auburn. This funding allows our organization to pay for our staffing and overhead so we can focus on bringing performance, music and art of all kinds to this community. Our Community.

For the second year in a row the Auburn City Council is preparing to eliminate funding for L/A Arts.The funding L/A Arts has requested from the City of Auburn represents less than three hundredths of one percent of the 2013 Auburn City budget. Last year the Auburn City Council voted to reject L/A Arts’ request for this critical funding, forcing us to narrow the scope of our programming in Auburn.

The next Auburn City Council meeting is: May 6 at 7PM located at 60 Court Street. This is an open session.

L/A Arts is Lewiston Auburn Arts–the local arts agency serving both sides of the river.
One River, One Community.

If you believe we have demonstrated a commitment to our community’s quality of life and are laying the groundwork for a positive future through the arts, please demonstrate that support by attending the next Auburn City Council meeting, and rally for our funding.

This Council needs to see and hear your support! If you are unable to attend please call or email your councilor and express your desire to keep L/A Arts in your community.

Ward 1 Councilor
Councilor Tizz E. H. Crowley

Ward 2 Councilor
Councilor Robert P. Hayes

Ward 3 Councilor
Councilor Mary J. K. LaFountaine

Ward 4 Councilor
Councilor David C. Young

Ward 5 Councilor
Councilor Leroy G. Walker, Sr.

At-Large Councilor
Councilor Belinda A. Gerry

At-Large Councilor
Councilor Joshua A. Shea