Warmer weather has finally arrived, and our next Art Walk LA on June 24 is fast approaching. We are excited to announce that over 40 artists will be showing in this month’s event, more artists than we’ve ever had at Art Walk LA!

Participating June Venues and Artists

  • 84 Court Restaurant (84 Court Street, Auburn): Heather Oinonen
  • Argo (64 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Mike Breau, Peter Moran, Teresa Cavendish Barbosa
  • Auburn City Hall (60 Court Street, Auburn): Field Peterson
  • Auburn Public Library (49 Spring Street, Auburn): not participating this month
  • Avant-Garde Maine (182 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Kevin Berry
  • Bear Bones Beer (43 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Adam Robertson
  • Café LA (49 Spring Street, Auburn): Carol Boldt, Heather Gagne, Julie Breau, Karl Maren
  • Canna Care Docs of Maine (79 Main Street, Auburn): Denny Bourgoin, Zoe Mullen 
  • Cell53 (347 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Elisabeth Salberg, Julie Breau
  • Chill Yoga (178 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Jeffrey Jaques
  • Designs By Skip (144 Main Street, Auburn): Art from Designs By Skip
  • Downtown Handmade Vintage / The Hive (277 Lisbon Street, 2nd Floor, Lewiston): Bonita Kenny, Rachel Campbell, The Hive Resident Artists
  • Dube’s Flower Shop (195 Lisbon Street, Lewiston):
    not participating this month
  • Alexandra Hood, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”

    Forage Market (180 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Alexandra Hood, Peter Bucklin

  • Fuel Lewiston / Sidecar (49 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Kenneth Harvey
  • Gil Poliquin Hearing & Optical (Window) (50 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Claire Metivier
  • Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub (68 Main Street, Auburn): Jeanelle Demers

    Carl Hebert, “Cinnamon Bear”
  • Hardy, Wolf & Downing (186 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Carl Hebert
  • Heritage Collectibles (189 Main Street, Lewiston): Marie Deforge
  • J. Dostie Jewelers (4 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Kevin Lyons
  • Kait Lavin Photography (154 Court Street, Auburn): Diane Nelder, Karen Krzywda
  • Kimball Street Studios (191 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): C. Ford, Roderick Dew, Sue Bennett
  • LA Arts (221 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): June featured artist George Ramos, Don Bernard, Papi Mussse, Tree Street Youth Students

    C E Morse, “Noberron #83”
  • Lamey Wellehan (108 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): C E Morse, Franklin Alternative High School Students, Jennifer Locke
  • Lamey Wellehan – Grants Gallery (109 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Grow L+A Artists
  • Lewiston Public Library (200 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Jillian Elder, Nel Bernard 
  • Maine Dems Office (124 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Brandon Goding, Chip Ross, John G. Mitchel, Mike Thurlow 
  • Maine Gourmet Chocolates (170 Main Street, Auburn)
  • Paul’s Clothing & Shoe Store (281 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Sheila Patrick
  • Poise Yoga Studio (351 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Graham Grallert, Helen Warren, Lisa Marshall
  • Quiet City (277 Lisbon Street, 2nd Floor, Lewiston): Courtney Schlachter, Eli Schlachter, Mackenzie Holland
  • Roger’s Haircutters (Window) (94 Main Street, Auburn): Saré Gebhardt
  • She Doesn’t Like Guthries (115 Middle Street, Lewiston): Jessy Kendall
  • The Cupcakery 97 (Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Brooke Nasser, Maria Castellano-Usery
  • The Studio (291 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Bridget McAlonan, Delian Valarino
  • The Vault (84 Lisbon Street, Lewiston): Maine Art Glass Studio
  • Top It Frozen Yogurt Bar (168 Main Street, Auburn)
  • Wicked Illustrations (140 Canal Street, Lewiston): Ryan Kohler, 2nd Annual Art Walk Treasure Hunt

June Live Entertainment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaine Music Society Chamber Singers
Acapella renditions of madrigals, ballads, Beatles songs and more
5:30 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.
The Cupcakery
97 Lisbon Street, Lewiston

Tom FallonTom-Fallon-poet
Poetry reading
7:30 p.m.
LA Arts
221 Lisbon Street, Lewiston


Eric Green Party10660172_10153734887785042_7228857927617104007_n
Roots rock
8:00-10:00 p.m.
115 Middle Street, Lewiston


The Goodsgoods_cover_
Rock / Acoustic / Americana
8:00-11:00 p.m.
Gritty McDuff’s
68 Main Street, Auburn