Teaching Artists

L/A Arts has an outstanding roster of teaching artists who are both experts in arts in education pedagogy and professionals in the their respective artistic fields. More information on their work is forthcoming.

Brickman, Robin
Irons, Debi
Nancy Salmon

Story and Movement
Montanaro, Karen
Rocha, Antonio
Michael Parent

Literary Arts
Plourde, Lynn
Steingesser, Martin

Currie, Carolyn
Grabin, Monica
Swinger, Martin
Wingfield, Michael
Baier, Annegret

Theater Arts
Berg, Gretchen
Cooper, Michael
Goell, Julie
Play Me a Story, Portland
Thomas, Mitch
Amanda Huotari (Mandy)
Ian Bannon

Visual Arts, Book Arts
Chaison, Nicole
Goodale, Rebecca
Mayers, Natasha

Visual Arts
Greenleaf, Jenn
Sarah Haskell