Arts Agency Initiatives

Community Conversations Poster - Letter REV 2015-10-27


As part of its role as the local arts agency, L/A Arts believes it should play a central role in bringing together and supporting the local arts and cultural organizations in the Twin Cities through its Arts Agency Initiatives. This focus will begin with the continued facilitation of Arts and Culture L/A (, an organization composed of 19 non-profit groups whose aim is to promote their individual and group organizational work, and develop strategies to support of one another. In addition, L/A Arts is working to capture the history and current movement of public art in the Twin Cities through arts events and performances. From public sculpture creation and/or restoration, to outdoor theater or music production in an area park, this artistry will add to the aesthetic and vibrancy of our communities. Local artists and partners will be prioritized, and given the necessary forum to present their work over extensive time periods to make a lasting impression on the aesthetic of the cities. Finally, L/A Arts is planning a program which aims to support the arts in all forms through grant-making and arts development projects. These initiatives will focus on giving artists and arts organizations the necessary financial and organizational resources and expertise around arts projects which impact the cultural, aesthetic, social, and economic fabric of our twin cities. This program will allow L/A Arts to elevate the outstanding artistry happening right here in L/A, help define the artistic priorities of the twin cities, and ensure projects being brought to the area are high quality.